Choosing the right lighting products for your home

Choosing the right lighting products for your home is an activity that requires a lot of consideration. Different areas and rooms of a home require different types of lighting and if you’re not an expert at this, you may find it confusing deciding what to buy. This article will guide you in choosing the right lighting products for every room.
Basic types of lighting products available

  1. General lighting/ ambient lighting
    This offers enough light for you to use the room and move around comfortably and safely.
    General lighting is created using overhead fixtures such as ceiling lamps, chandeliers and recessed pot lights.
  2. Accent lighting
    Accent lighting is used to create a focal point and to highlight a particular item, such as a piece of art or a unique design.
    Accent lighting is accomplished using recessed lighting, picture lights, dimmers and wall-mounted fixtures.
  3. Task lighting
    Task lighting is used when carrying out activities such as cooking, reading and working. Halogen and light bulb work perfectly well for this.
    Tips for the right lighting products for different rooms
    • Living room
    This is the area when the family spends most of the time and hence you should consider using lighting products that provide enough illumination.
    Use an overhead fixture at the center of your living room. Add accent lighting to any artwork and to the corners which don’t receive enough lighting.
    • Dining room
    Have a large lighting source at the dining room center, such as a pendant light directly above the dining table.
    • Kitchen
    Put overhead lighting such as a chandelier at the center of your kitchen and then add task lighting to other areas such as the sink.
    • Bedroom
    Achieve ambient lighting by using ceiling fixtures such as pendant lighting or chandelier. Have a portable lamp for your bedside table to use when you don’t need too bright lighting.
    A good lighting system combines different types of lighting to create a beautiful and relaxing space. You should choose the lighting for each room carefully since different lighting produces different effects. Play around with ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting to create a good lighting setup for each room.